What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers

What I Wish I'd Known: For Writers

100 Authors Reveal What They Wish They’d Told Their Younger Selves

As an aspiring or seasoned writer, do you feel like you aren’t making headway, stumbling on what to write next, or wondering if you’re even on the right path? Are you unable to find the motivation to charge up your computer and put your fingers on the keyboard after that last rejection?

Between the pages of What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers, 100 highly accomplished authors share their time, energy, and knowledge to pay it forward and inspire other writers, experienced or aspiring. They reveal what they would have wanted their younger self to know: what words of caution, encouragement, and inspiration could they have used before starting their writing careers.

I’m sure you would have wished someone had given you certain advice. Within What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers, you will find a myriad of information on craft, the writing industry, time management, conflict with family and friends, what to avoid on your writing journey, the business aspect of pushing forward in your career, and more.

Discover what these talented authors have to say:

S.M. Anderson, Jennifer Ashley, Steven Barnes, Jeremy Bates, Louise Bay, D.V. Berkom, Hunter Blain, Marci Bolden, Rhys Bowen, Sarah Elizabeth Bromke, Benedict Brown, Rachelle Burk, V.M. Burns, Lynn Cahoon, Ginjer L Clarke, Nancy Coco, Michael Cordell, Charly Cox, B. J. Daniels, Vincent B. Davis II, Ernest Dempsey, Delaney Diamond, Helena Dixon, Angus Donald, Lorna Dounaeva, Kerrie Droban, Jacqueline Druga, Donna Everhart, Chris Fabry, Erin Flanagan, Matt Forbeck, Stacy Green, Ross Greenwood, Lisa Harris, Paul Heatley, Rita Herron, Kate Hewitt, Kelly Hodge, Dwight Holing, Griff Hosker, Daniel Hurst, Pamela Fagan Hutchins, Rick Jones, Diane Kelly, Meera Kothand, Justin Leslie, Julie Anne Lindsey/Bree Baker, Kristen Luciani, S. E. Lynes, JB Lynn, Michelle Major, Phillip Margolin, T. B. Markinson, Angela Marsons, Tina Martin, M.D. Massey, Cheyenne McCray, Cathy McDavid, Rhonda McKnight, Bruno Miller, J.J. Miller, Christopher Mitchell, Kiersten Modglin, D.J. Molles, Mary Monroe, Lynn Morrison, Lisa Morton, Barbara Nickless, Nazri Noor, Peter O’Mahoney, Dan Padovan, Phaedra Patrick, Elizabeth Penney, Carly Phillips, Lisa Regan, David Ricciardi, Arianne Richmonde, Matthew Rief, Miranda Rijks, Dahlia Rose, Jenifer Ruff, Sofie Ryan, Sharon Sala, Pat Simmons, Joanna Campbell Slan, Miranda Smith, Jeff Strand, Jacquelin Thomas, Bill Thompson, Eric Thomson, H.D. Thomson, Michael J. Tougias, G.G. Vandagriff, Tim Waggoner, Dan Walsh, Rochelle B. Weinstein, Sherri Winston, D.L. Wood, Melinda Woodhall, and Pamela Samuels Young.


“Loved it! A great way to get motivated if you’re in a slump.” – Charles B., Amazon reader.

“Very inspirational. After just the first few authors who have contributed to writing this book, I had felt inspired to continue writing. Great, valuable advice from established writers!” – Sammy G.

“Brilliantly conceived and executed resource for writers.” – Daryl G., Goodreads
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Along with useful tips for all fiction writers, you’ll find lists of quick ideas for story components to keep you going throughout the process—whether you’re just starting your outline, putting together the character biographies, in the middle of your novel, trying to meet a deadline, or stuck with writer’s block.

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“Cheyenne and HD have put together a marvelous resource for writers. Replete not just with theory but with countless practical examples, it covers everything from outlining to character traits to the power of all five senses. I wish this had been around when I was starting out!”

– Barry Eisler, bestselling author of the John Rain and Livia Lone series

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Writer’s Secret Weapon is a writer’s dream and a “must-have” for anyone who has ever struggled to find that perfect word, phrase, or image. A thesaurus on steroids!”

‒‒ Kerrie Droban, author of Vagos Mongs and Outlaws, adapted for History channel’s television series Gangland Undercover.

“This book is a fun tool to add to a writer’s toolbox. Within three minutes I had numerous ideas popping into my head! What a great way for writers to expand their universe!”

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‒‒ Tracy Tripp, author of Awaken and Something Like a Dream.