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A Long Kiss Goodbye

She has a secret. He has a darker secret. One of their secrets can get them both killed.

Avery is brutally attacked. There is no motive, no suspect. She doesn’t know who to trust. The neighbor? Her friends? What about her lover or the police? Making the wrong choice will lead to her murder.

Days later, a neighbor is found dead. His mutilated body is the second in a matter of weeks. A serial killer has hit the streets of Scottsdale, and Avery suspects her assault is somehow tied to the killings.

As she slowly unravels the truth, Avery realizes her attack is anything but normal or random. She is only one player amongst many. But does she risk confiding in anyone? What about her next-door neighbor, Luys? His act of kindness has brought them together. But is it truly kindness or something more sinister? Could he be hiding his own agenda?

Luys wants his past kept in the past. But a killer, far deadlier than any human, isn’t willing to let things go. Then when Avery is assaulted, he knows he must do something to protect her, but at what cost? There’s no going back if he dares to trust Avery with his dark history. He’ll not only expose himself but the ones he loves. And what of any relationship between them? Is it doomed from the start, leading to pain, even death?

If they join forces to find a killer, will it be enough to survive? Because before they’re done, more than one person will die. And they’ll quickly learn someone is pretending to be who they’re not and that the killer is filled with a seething need for vengeance.


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Writer's Secret Weapon Reference Guide

 It all starts with an idea.

At some point all of us find ourselves staring at a page, needing some idea sparker to help us move forward. Maybe it’s an unusual pet’s name, or a career in a particular field, or the right type of weapon for a scene. Maybe you’re struggling with finding the right character goal or motivation, ideas for adding in the five senses, or your character’s physical description.

Along with useful tips for all fiction writers, you’ll find lists of quick ideas for story components to keep you going throughout the process—whether you’re just starting your outline, putting together the character biographies, in the middle of your novel, trying to meet a deadline, or stuck with writer’s block.

Writer’s Secret Weapon presents quick ideas to get you going in a number of areas. While we all know how to Google, it’s harder to come by fast and easy rules. This guide saves you hours of searching, especially when you don’t know where to start. Discover the kind of information new and veteran authors need at every stage of their career!


“Cheyenne and HD have put together a marvelous resource for writers. Replete not just with theory but with countless practical examples, it covers everything from outlining to character traits to the power of all five senses. I wish this had been around when I was starting out!”

– Barry Eisler, bestselling author of the John Rain and Livia Lone series

Delish! The Writer’s Secret Weapon by Cheyenne McCray and H.D. Thomson arrives jam-packed with craft intel, info, and intriguing details for writers of every genre. Aside from the myriad tips and tricks, this chatty resource offers a prompt-a-palooza rich with resonant suggestions and turns of phrase to nudge any author out of those comfy ruts.”

‒‒ Damon Suede, best-selling author of Verbalize and Hot Head.

“The Writer’s Secret Weapon is a one-stop shop for brainstorming, story planning, or simply sparking creativity. Tons of plot, character, scene, and story arc writing prompts packed into one space! Sure to get you started on a novel or unstuck from the middle of one.”

‒‒ NY Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley

Writer’s Secret Weapon is a writer’s dream and a “must-have” for anyone who has ever struggled to find that perfect word, phrase, or image. A thesaurus on steroids!”

‒‒ Kerrie Droban, author of Vagos Mongs and Outlaws, adapted for History channel’s television series Gangland Undercover.

“This book is a fun tool to add to a writer’s toolbox. Within three minutes I had numerous ideas popping into my head! What a great way for writers to expand their universe!”

‒‒ Lexi Post, NY Times and USA Today bestselling author.

“I wish I’d had the Writer’s Secret Weapon Reference Guide years ago. Cheyenne McCray and H.D. Thomas have created the ultimate collection of ideas that will inspire writers to develop richer and more dynamic characters and scenes. This reference book is a resource all authors should have on their shelf.”

‒‒ Tracy Tripp, author of Awaken and Something Like a Dream.

Book One from Smoke & Mirrors Series


Winner of the Ready-Set-Go Peninsula RWA Contest
Finalist in the Suzannah North Louisiana RWA Contest
1st place in Peninsula RWA Chapter’s contest.

What would you do if have weeks if not days to live? Would you do anything to save yourself?

Jake Preston races across the country and miles away from Boston to a woman who has no idea what power she has. Hidden away in her house is a formula and the key to an experiment that is killing him. But he isn’t the only one desperate for the formula. A pharmaceutical company is willing to kill to get to it first.  

Margot Davenport’s quiet life erupts when Jake shows up at her door with news that her brother’s death is no accident.

When people start dying and Margot realizes she might be next, is she too late to vanquish her own demons and a killer?  Does she dare trust her heart on a man who has too many secrets?

Her life depends on making the right choice. Because if she’s wrong, she won’t live much longer.

H. D. Thomson tells a story filled with love, danger, greed, and betrayal, and how far we will go to save the person we love.

Available in Kindle Unlimited.


“This was an amazingly wonderful book. It was full of mystery, intrigue and just pure wonder. — Debbins
“I was hooked from start to finish … This is my first book by this author and I loved it!! Well done H.D. Thomson !!!!” — Brenda
“This book packs a real emotional punch that will leave you breathless. There is mystery and suspense and underlying it all is a romance that will melt your heart.” — Annie
“I’ll just say that this plot is incredible and unpredictable and I highly recommend it.” — Nella M.
“This is the best book I have read in a long time. Characters were well written and the plot was exciting. I definitely recommend this book.” — Lisa P.