The Long Road Home

Contemporary Romance

Two-time Golden Heart Finalist 

Travel across the country with her old lover, John McDonnell–and his girlfriend? Impossible. But Clarisse Madison is desperate. Terrified of flying and unable to drive long stretches because of a knee surgery, she sees no other way to get from New York to San Diego and her sister’s wedding.

Three years ago, a plane crash disfigured her leg and destroyed her career as a model. Self-esteem crushed and fearful of rejection, Clarisse severed her relationship with John. Now, forced to travel across the country with him and his girlfriend, Vivian, she is determined to hide her disfigurement. Driving through state after state and mile after mile, though, she begins to fall in love all over again. But can anything come of it? Can she overcome her pride for the sake of love? 


“This book was very emotional an intense. The story line was so different than anything else I’ve ever read before…” – Cindy   

“I really enjoyed this book. A true romance story without all the sex. A strong main character, who through a tragic event, gives up the man she loves, years later, still loving him, but feeling beauty only is found on the surface, is pushed into this mans life again.” – Barb

The Long Road Home

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