Killer Shades

Jenna Barnes slips on a pair of simple sunglasses, but they’re not so simple. Jenna soon realizes they’re dangerous when people start dying, including her soon to be ex-husband. His unnatural death has her on the police radar as a prime suspect. After all, she had the most to gain. But one of those police officers is none other than Kyle Newman, a man she’d loved and dumped five years ago.

Kyle Newman doesn’t believe Jenna killed her husband, and he sets out to protect her, only to become a suspect himself in her husband’s death. The killer is still out there. If Jenna doesn’t stop asking questions, he knows she could be next. He needs to guarantee that doesn’t happen. But is he willing to lose his career, even his life to save her? Because a pair of sunglasses can kill, and he’s soon going to find out the death of Jenna’s husband is just the beginning.


This is a fast-paced page-turner that kept me on the edge of my seat with great characters, twist, turns, mystery and intrigue. I really like the sizzling chemistry and interaction between Jenna and Kyle.” — P. Mitchell.
…Killer Shades was so my kind of book that I didn’t want it end. Nicely done HD Thomson on an original plot with great romantic characters and just enough suspense to make these fast paced novellas addictive.” — H. Senecal

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Killer Shades