What I Wish I’d Known: For the LGBTQ+ Community

What I Wish I'd Known: For the LGBTQ+ Community

Looking for adult LGBTQ+ contributors to make a difference!

What I Wish I’d Known: For the LGBTQ+ Community is “The Power of Positive Thinking” meets “Chicken Soup for the Soul”—true stories and encouragement for the LGBTQ+ Community. 

I invite you to participate as one of 100 adults willing to share their personal and career advice, experience, and knowledge to pay it forward and inspire a new LGBTQ+ generation. In 250 to 1500 words, what would you have wanted your younger self to know? What advice would you have given yourself? What words of caution, encouragement, and inspiration would you have used when it came to connecting with peers and family members, starting your career, and establishing romantic relationships?

I’m sure you would have wished someone had given you certain advice along the way. It can be about your relationships, including the dynamics of your family, friends and partners, conflicts in the workplace, what to avoid or say when someone doesn’t understand what makes you the individual you are, or anything that specifically comes to mind for you.

With your generous contribution to What I Wish I’d Known: For the LGBTQ+ Community, you will help individuals avoid landmines and tough decisions. Please say YES to being a part of this inspiring and revealing (b)look. Your full name and career title can be included, or if you feel uncomfortable with supplying that information to the public, you can use only your initials.


bellamediamanagement @ gmail.com